Praise for Orchestral Concert Appearances

“And, as a special treat, soprano Holly Gash will recreate the role of the famed Swedish nightingale, Jenny Lind, in her first appearance with the WSO.  Gash will present two beloved arias.” – Maestro Joseph Lovecchio
Bucks County Herald, May 19, 2022

Roman Holiday will bring our 57th season to a grand climax when we feature soprano, Holly Gash, who enthralled our audience in May of 2022. … Our season is destined to both thrill and tug at your heartstrings.” – Maestro Joseph Lovecchio

Gash & Finko, 2019

Praise for The Diaries of Maria Bashkirtseva, world premiere (2020)

“Holly Gash is one of the greatest sopranos living in the world today.  Her performance of my opera, The Diaries of Maria Bashkirsteva, was tremendous.  Her voice and the vocal technique are on the highest level of the art.”

– Russian-American composer, David Finko

Praise for La Calisto at Proteus Gowanus

“I thought the singing was as fine as anything one could ever hope for.  Everyone articulated the words critical in the music of this period, and without which you don’t have opera, EVER. You also had some really fine voices here. I would pick out, and it’s simply a matter of taste, Holly Gash, our Calisto, who is now singing all over, not just in Baroque repertoire, and has a lovely instrument which I suspect we will soon hear much more in ‘mainstream’ opera.” – Beckmesserschmitt,

“Holly Gash, as Calisto herself, is less actor than acted upon, but her voice is luscious through all her ordeals. (The poor dear is transformed into a bear (not good), but at least she will be eternal in the Big Dipper (quite good).” – Harry Rolnick,

“In the title role, Holly Gash wielded a rich lyric soprano with nicely expressive phrasing.” – Peter Paul Rubens, Opera Obsession,

“Holly Gash made her company debut in that title role, bringing pathos and passion to the unfortunate object of Jupiter’s affections who gets turned into a bear for her troubles.” – Paul Pelkonen,

“Holly Gash drew the title role, and her mellow sounds won our pity for her unprecedented plight and ursine fate. Her duet with the basso Jove of Matthew Curran was perhaps the happiest vocal moment of the night.” – John Yohalem,

“Then, a melody that stops stage hands in their tracks, Gash’s warm soprano floats toward the rooftops, and down the driveway out to Nevins Street.” – Patrick Huguenin, NY Daily News

“Holly Gash as Calisto sang in a caressing soprano with power on reserve, and evoked sympathy in her bear costume. Her aria to freedom, “Viver in Libertad” was a feast to the spirit and one of many that delighted the ear. Her fioritura in her aria Verginella io Morir Vo” was marvelous.” – Brooklyn Daily Eagle, Nino Pantano

Holly Gash, Calisto
Matthew Curran, Jiove

Praise for La Traviata in San José, Costa Rica

“. . .Lyrical Gringa Takes Country’s Opera Scene by Storm.” “Her total command of the role (Violetta) and her acting and singing prowess convinced them (the Italian Community) she had sung the role dozens of times.” “Tall and statuesque, she managed to dominate the stage at all times.” – Ted Wasserman, Tico Times, San José, Costa Rica

Praise for Luisa Miller at Opera in the Heights

“Holly Gash is a vocal powerhouse as peasant Luisa…” – Houston Press

“Holly Gash adds ample voice and touching lyricism to the final scene.” – Charles Ward, Houston Chronicle