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“Holly Gash is one of the greatest sopranos living in the world today.  Her performance of my opera, The Diaries of Maria Bashkirtseva, was tremendous.  Her voice and the vocal technique are on the highest level of the art.”
-David Finko

Gash & Finko, 2021

Russian-American composer, David Finko, is currently completing a trifecta of operas to be performed by Holly Gash and world-renowned pianist, Clipper Erickson, in 2022.  These one-act operas for soprano and piano are based on three historical women: Russian painter and diarist Maria Bashkirtseva; Hindi mystic poet and devotee of Krishna, Mirabai; and Nobel Prize winner, Polish-French chemist who pioneered research in radioactivity, Marie Curie (final work to be entitled Madame Curie).

Holly Gash

Lirico Spinto Soprano

“The singing was as fine as anything one could hope for… You also had some really fine voices here.  I would pick out, and it’s simply a matter of taste, HOLLY GASH, our Calisto, who is now singing all over, not just in Baroque repertoire, and has a lovely instrument which I suspect we will soon hear much more in ‘mainstream’ opera.”  – Beckmesserschmitt, listserv.bccls.org, Brooklyn, NY

“…adds ample voice and touching lyricism…”  – Houston Chronicle

“HOLLY GASH is a vocal powerhouse as peasant Luisa”  – Houston Press

“…takes opera scene by storm”  – Tico Times, San José, Costa Rica